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Various-information Listening to music is a hobby that some people like.
Almost all people have a hobby of listening to music. Basically, listening to music is indeed able to make the mind become more relaxed, so that we can do some things more easily. In addition, listening to music is also able to improve our mood. Because, the song you listen to can change your mood. If you listen to happy songs, your mood can become more happy. However, when you are sad, don't listen to sad songs because you can make your mood more sad.

Benefits listening music

To improve mood, someone is better advised to listen to music that is able to make the heart more excited. Music is said to have various health benefits, which after some researchers prove a change in listening to music. So, for those of you who like listening to music, you should know the various benefits of listening to music.

Here are a series of benefits that benefit music listeners:

-Helping dementia
 Research shows that a dementia patient who is diligent in listening to music, they have a better memory. After therapy to listen to music is done for 1 month, then the patient will remember where he is, then can remember the day and also some names of people he recognizes. Dementia patients, also can remember the events he just experienced.

-Healthy heart 
Not only exercise can make the heart healthier. Because, listening to music can also improve heart health and performance. This is because music can increase the level of heart variability, as well as the interval between heartbeats. A health expert suggests, someone can listen to the song he loves, so that the heart is more happy and the heart will stay healthy.

-Fight asthma
Someone who listens to music then sings, so his body is able to fight asthma problems. Because singing can increase breathing, so that asthma or lungs can be reduced properly.

-Relieve pain
Many don't know if listening to music can relieve pain. A survey in the United Kingdom and Germany states that, Listening to music in 50 minutes duration can increase the immune system in the body. Because by listening to music, stress on someone can be reduced. And that's where the blood circulation can turn out to be smooth, so that pain in the waist can be overcome properly.

So, listening to music is not only refreshing the mind, but also able to make various organs of the body become healthier. Listening to music can be done using several tools ranging from radio, cellphone, computer, or some other type of electronic music player. Meanwhile, for those of you who have a habit of listening to music, maybe you will feel lucky considering the various benefits we can get. Prioritize to enjoy songs that make the heart calm and the mind still relaxed.

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