The Difference Between Google Maps And Waze What We Need To Know

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Various information For those of you who often travel, of course it is no stranger to navigation applications such as Google Maps and Waze.

Both are the most popular applications with high accuracy and availability in various places. Equally owned by Google, it turns out both of them have a number of differences and distinctive characteristics of each, you know. Which one is better?

Google Maps
Google Maps is a standard navigation application that will be installed automatically when you buy an Android phone. The feature is quite complete. Starting from road maps, navigation for pedestrians, bicycles and cars, and can display public places. You can also get information about road congestion.

Unlike Google Maps which is dominated by information from Google, Waze is more inclined to community-based navigation. This means that each user can share information about traffic. Starting from accidents, speed limits on certain roads, and other travel information that can help other users.

Then what distinguishes the two?
Google Maps and Waze have more or less similar functions and features.

But both have different ways to achieve their goals :

1. Difference in interface
Waze is an application that always maintains its minimalist style. Many users like the look. Waze displays the details you need and uses 3D graphics to make it more interesting.

While Google Maps has a fairly standard appearance. You could even say it's too ordinary. The display is more or less the same as Mapquest, a digital map that was popular in the 1990s and 2000s.

2. Target users
Waze targets millennial users with a more recent appearance. This method proved successful. In addition, Waze is now connected with Spotify, which allows users to listen to songs through car speakers. Google Maps targets more general users. This is what makes Google Maps prioritize the ease of accessing each of its features.

3. Use of internet data
The amount of data used by Waze is determined by several factors. These include the duration of access and distance of travel. Reporting from Reddit, a user claimed he spent 0.5 MB for a one-hour trip. Just like Waze, the amount of data used by Google Maps also depends on the factors mentioned. Reporting from Reddit, Google Maps is a champion in aspects of data usage. The user can't even detect how much data is used because it's very little. Users can even access it offline.

4. Which application can take you faster?
To drive in the city, Waze is an expert in finding alternative routes that are free of accidents and congestion. What's more, the Waze feature warns users when they approach traffic accidents. The disadvantage, this application often directs users to a housing path that is usually narrower. Google Maps will deliver you to your destination properly and notify users when there are accidents and congestion. Even so the warning is not as informative as Waze. The advantage is that the map is displayed bigger, making it easier for you to see the route clearly.

5. How do you choose the right application
If you have never used Waze, try to travel everyday. The application is quite effective to prevent you from congestion and has features that are quite exciting to try. If you are confused which application is suitable for you, try using both of them first. Both Google Maps and Waze have their own characteristics. After trying both you will be able to determine which one you like more.

Thus the discussion about the differences in Google maps with Waze. 
I hope the information provided can be useful. 

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