How to Optimize and Improve Blog SEO

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If you want to make a website always on the first page of search engines, of course you have to know the ins and outs of SEO. There are so many types of SEO that you can use. Here's how to optimize SEO for your blog.

How to Optimize SEO for Blogs :

1.Keyword Research
The first way you can do is to research keywords or keywords. This is done to find out what are the things that are most sought after by visitors and understand the market's desires. That way you can also increase website visitors and increase traffic. To do keyword research there are several tools that can be used such as Google Keyword Planner and KWF Finder. Just tips, look for keywords that are sought after by visitors but have a low competitive value with other competitors.

2.Use Long-Tail Keyword
For new websites, competing with a variety of websites that have long been perched on the first page of search engines may be difficult. Especially if it only depends on the main keyword. The solution to this problem is to use and target long tail keywords. Use tools to get information about the difficulty level and visitor search volume regarding a particular product. Think of your various SEO keywords that can attract large amounts of traffic.

3.Use Short URL
Try to use a short URL so that it doesn't look like a spam link. Just adjust the URL used with the post title. This is so that the URL used does not contain too many categories.

4.Maximize Article Title
Maximizing the title of a post with title tags is one of the best ways to tell Google about your website. This affects the traffic where visitors will click on it or leave your website. There are several ways to maximize title tags such as adding keywords at the beginning of the content and using interesting titles. Selan type the title tag with the number of words between 60 and 70 words.

5.Use Links to Quality Websites
By installing a link that directs visitors to well-known and quality websites, it is one way to improve your blog and website. When placing a link to a quality and reputable website, Google will recognize the link as a post that has content similar to your website. Links to quality websites will increase the value of your own website, especially on traffic. In addition, customer trust will also increase.

6.Create Attractive and Quality Content
Make interesting content that can be a reference for internet users for years. So when internet users are looking for certain information, posting on your website can be used as a guide so that it will increase traffic. In addition to making quality content in the sense of original and long content. Original content will prevent you from plagiarism. While long content has better and most frequently shared information on social media.

So how to optimize SEO for your blog or website. The above methods are the easiest way that can even be done by beginners. Besides that there are still many other ways that require more knowledge about SEO. But the above method is worth using to make your website perch on the first page of search.

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