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Various-Information This time I will discuss about how to get a boyfriend. sometimes we feel jealous of other people who already have a partner.

sometimes we will feel bored if we do not have a partner sometimes our lives feel like a hollow. see other people in pairs and mutual happiness of course we feel jealous of those who have a partner. if we have a partner, surely our life will feel colored decorated with joy and sorrow. sometimes happy sometimes sad, that's the name, we learn to establish a relationship with a boyfriend.What to do? and what also makes someone difficult or difficult to get a partner in his life? Please read the article below, hopefully it can help you get a partner according to our wishes.

There are several causes / reasons and reasons why some people, maybe until they are already adults, are still single, including:

-Because of his own will (principle)
-Because it hasn't found a partner yet
-Because there is an "X" factor which can be many things

"How to get a boyfriend"

For the first and the last reason, I will NOT discuss it further, because indeed it happens because there is a particular reason or problem. What I will discuss is for those who have tried but still do not find the partner they are looking for. A few tips and the following tricks might help you to find the partner you are craving for or you are looking for. But again I say that: for MEN DIFFERENT STEPS.

Here's what you need to do to get a boyfriend:

1. Do the "ADULT" Introduction
If you really are eyeing a man, go directly to the person and say that you want to get acquainted. Your introductory course is accepted or not, that's the business later. The important thing is that the man knows that there is a woman who is trying to get close to him.

2. Personality Analysis of the man
After you can get acquainted, the next step is to analyze the personality of the man. He means: see what he likes, what he hates, what makes him happy, what hobbies, and various other things. Why? Because you will use this as capital to do the next step. Remember, analysis properly and if possible as detailed as possible.

3. Take a Good Approach
Maybe this is the initial stage that requires the most energy, cost, mentality and all the things you can give. By knowing the "personality" of your target man, you already have the initial capital to be able to knock on the door of his heart.

Start with a good APPROACH process, such as:
-Avoid all things that men hate and dislike
-Do all the things that can make him happy and happy
-Start giving small attention (can ask if he has eaten, or ask if he is doing well)

At this point, you must be extra "CAREFUL", why? because there are a lot of women who are just approaching the process, but have been acting too far and too much. This is very bad for your future. Later, your target men don't like it, instead they stay away because of your excessive attitude. Make an approach and give reasonable attention, but it is impressed that you really concern him.

4. Make Your Target Man Comfortable
A trivial thing that is very important but often forgotten by women is this. You have to be able to make him comfortable with you and comfortably near you.

Some characteristics that a man feels comfortable with are:

-Start telling stories about the problem at hand

-Start daring to say

-help request for a problem that is happening

-Start to be open in telling her life

-Trust you and start entrusting things to you

And when the man feels comfortable with you, do the next point.

5. Give "deeper" attention
Maybe in point no. 3 above, you have done it, but for the current point: the things you need to do must be more "deep" or more serious.

6. Say or Express Your Feelings
If all the steps you have taken and received a response as I wrote, maybe it's time for you to express your heart's content to the man. But before going to the main point, please understand.

Preparation before expressing your heart's content, including:

-Must be at the right time or moment
-You have to do it in a special place
-Prepare mentally well
-Prepare "words or sentences"

Hopefully the discussion on how to be able to get a boyfriend or spouse above can help you to be able to find the perfect partner. Hope you can help you. Thank you for reading and
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