Google Redesigns Display News To Prevent Hoaxes

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Various-information Fake news is a serious matter handled by Google, because Google will redesign the display.

Changes made are, News tab will prioritize publishers (publisher), not headlines (headlines). This effort was carried out in order to reduce fake and hoax news that was circulating on the internet, and was more responsive to the needs of publishers.
Google will try to redesign the desktop version, which will then be introduced to users in the next few weeks. As reported by BGR, the display on the News tab after being redesigned has a different appearance. The difference lies in the publisher of the news displayed at the top rather than the headlines. Because usually, the headlines on the news are immediately displayed at the top, but when redesigned, the headlines are below the display of popular publishers. While on smartphones, there is a kind of box that appears on the main page of Google news, to display news with publishers that users often see.

In the current view, the headlines on the news are in the top position. While in the new design, the location of the headlines is under the look of popular publishers. In addition to prioritizing the name of the publisher, Google also arranges clear and reliable articles. Compared to the current design, the appearance of the new design is a bit more complicated so that users need time to adapt, including when they want to find related news.

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