About Fuchsia Os which is being developed by Google

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Various-information Google is known to have long developed a new operating system called Fuchsia. But information about the OS is still minimal.
But now, the company from Cupertino, United States, is starting to open up about the project. In fact, Phone Arena says that Fuchsia is an Android OS replacement, if the golden era ends.

Google's openness to the newest OS is proven by the launch of fuchsia.dev, a website for developers who want to find out information about Fuchsia.

In the site, Google is sharing documentation for this Android OS project that can be learned by developers. So far, OS Fuchsia does not use the Linux kernel like Android and Chrome OS, but uses a micro Zircon kernel.

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 In addition, Google also provides a Flutter SDK platform that allows Android developers to move their applications to Fuchsia quickly. Although it looks mature, but Google actually still has a lot of homework to be addressed. Moreover, replacing Android that has been used on 85 percent of cellphones in the world is certainly not an easy task and can be done instantly.

Based on information obtained in the Google I / O 2019 event in May 2019 then, Senior Director for Android Google Stephanie Cuthbertson claims that there are around 2.5 billion devices (mobile phones and tablets) that are actively running Android.

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