3 ways to shave nose hair safely

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Various-information The nose hair belongs to the immune system. These fine hair functions to filter out impurities from the air that is inhaled while protecting the inside of the nasal cavity.

When compared to a mustache, beard and a coat it turns out that long nose hairs, offside or stretching out of the nostrils can make it shy. Not to mention if there are nasal impurities that suddenly appear.
Although it has many benefits, some people feel uncomfortable with the presence of fine hair. Even people want to remove nose hair.
shaving nose hair is not easy. Most people use nose hair shaving creams.
However, this method is called dangerous for the nasal cavity. The cream can burn mucous membranes in the nose. Danger of pulling nose hair Even though the nose hair is too long to interfere with the appearance, you should never remove it because it is dangerous. The habit of pulling out the nose hair turns out to have the potential to cause sores and ulcers in the nose.
Wounds caused by extraction can be a source of infection and inflammation of the brain. This occurs because of the anatomical structure of the nose, where the blood vessels in the nasal bridge area (the nasal bridge) go directly to the brain and will gather with various other blood vessels. And the longer and more sustained the impact of the Cavernous Sinus. This is a blockage in the blood vessels at the base of the brain, due to blood clots.

Launching The List, here's how to safely shave nose hair : 

1. Cutting
Cutting is the safest way. Simply use small scissors that are generally in a set of care tools.Scissors have rounded edges. The rounded tip functions to prevent skin pricking in the nasal cavity. Besides that, you can also try electric scissors. However, keep in mind, cutting is not permanent. Don't be surprised if your nose hair continues to grow.

2. Waxing
This method is not fully recommended. This method can cause infection in the nasal cavity. However, some products are designed to remove fine hair that is only at the edge of the hole. The waxing process also takes longer than cutting directly with small scissors. If you feel sore after doing waxing, you should immediately wet the affected part with warm water to prevent infection.

3. Laser hair removal
Laser hair removal is considered a way to permanently remove nose hair. However, this procedure is debated because it is believed to be able to injure the mucous membrane in the nasal cavity. If you plan to undergo a laser hair removal procedure, first consulting a dermatologist is recommended.

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